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Toccara Karizma internet marketing expert

Does this
feel like you?

You know digital marketing will summon sales like vegans to tofu, yet right now:

You want online marketing results that are legit.

With proven ad and digital marketing strategies, you CAN hit the BIG, HUGE, business goals that feel impossible. You don’t want fake & flashy “get rich” promises…. 

I’m talking about methods that are the whole, juicy orange vs. faux concentrate.

“Toccara is a wizard on FB! She is my personal savior when it comes to all of the marketing I do! LAM wouldn’t exist without her help! Do yourself a favor and watch her free tutorials!”

Aesha Shapiro

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That’s where I step in, feet dusted
with Hawaii Island beach sand…

Toccara Karizma
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Your Success is my passion!

As well as being the CEO of Hawaii’s largest, I’ve made it my mission to help business owners reach goals even THEY hadn’t thought possible through my digital marketing courses and programs. 

Whether it’s hitting the $1 million sales mark in less than 12 months (yes, I’ve helped multiple business owners do this!), or slaying the competition with out of the box, innovative, creative digital marketing campaigns, when you know it’s time to take your success to the next-level, don’t sign anything until you’ve spoken with me first.

I've got the secret digital marketing methods that will skyrocket your sales.

I’ll whip up your marketing
like a soy chai latte


Dig free stuff?

Jump for joy at getting my best digital marketing strategies for $0. Sprinkle in these tactics like cinnamon on your favorite latte and gasp at the ROI-boosting results. Thousands of dollars of FREE Facebook ad training and resources are just a click away.
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Crave my secrets?

Access the exact roadmap my social media marketing business uses to multiply sales for multi-million dollar brands with proven Facebook ad strategies that bring in dollars, even if you’re a newbie or flopped at running ads in the past.

Want digital done?

Amplify sales without lifting a finger. As a premium digital marketing agency, my team and I scale multi-million-dollar companies with the most meticulous system you’ve ever seen. Social media. Ads. SEO. Email marketing. All done for you.
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What my clients are saying

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Learn my #1 secret

In as little as 4 weeks, learn how to
make social media ads can scale
your business.

With the right business coach, you can elevate sales like they’re 6-inch heels

After building up one of the most engaged Facebook groups in all of Hawaii, growing a thriving eCommerce brand across 15 countries, and scaling marketing clients to reach over 30 million customers, agency founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs began seeking my advice. 

As I dove into their data and the back end of their Facebook Ads Managers, my heart broke at realizing the truth: The average digital ad agency is like a shady club: Full of smoke & mirrors.

Caught in false promises, overcomplicated formulas, mismanaged ad accounts, and flat-out lies from ad agencies, I saw how some higher-level ad account tweaks would take these business owners from “Why am I not getting sales?!” to phones dinging with purchase alerts. The results that came after changed my life’s calling forever.

The right
business coach

Toccara Karizma Marketing Expert
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Toccara digital marketing expert

I’ve now spent over a decade showing thousands of entrepreneurs and brands how to attract customers like yogis to matcha

After overseeing millions in ad spend, auditing hundreds of ad accounts, and helping businesses grow on the daily, I’ve built up an arsenal of expert digital growth tools and strategies that I know work time and again. And I want to share these with you. 

Because I believe you can magnify your dream business that sells with ease and create a lifestyle that gives you time with loved ones, laptop shut.

If you’ll indulge me for a minute, you’ll find the right systems and formulas to scaling your business successfully online are here – proven to work.


17-Minute Free Training

Grab this freebie

How we grew a Facebook group to
52,000 members in 10 months

...and made over $100,000 from a 2-hour event


17-Minute Free Training

Grab this freebie

How we grew a Facebook group to
52,000 members in 10 months

...and made over $100,000 from a 2-hour event

The only digital marketing blog that will teach you how to slay ads like Beyonce at Coachella.

About me

Toccara Karizma Marketing Consultant


It’s strategy
   with Karizma

AKA Charisma with an analytical, big hair, don’t care twist.

There’s nothing sexier to me than talking online marketing and business growth strategies. I’ve been snuggling up with spreadsheets for over a decade, using my economist brain, eCommerce experience, and obsession with data to grow companies with proven frameworks. 

Because when go-getters make more money, increased funds grant them freedom to fuel their dream lives.

As a single mom who’s grown multi-million dollar brands and shown others how to do the same through my ad agency, I know that with the right blueprint – anything is possible.