Aloha, I’m Toccara
Digital Marketing Consultant. Data lover. Dream setter.

I majored in Business Economics, grew an eCommerce business across 15 countries, and since (as a single mom) have skyrocketed companies' sales by millions of dollars.

In 2007, sitting cross-legged here on Kona Island, the sound of the ocean close by, I accidentally started a global company.

At that time, Shopify and Facebook were not a big thing. I’d had my son and discovered there weren’t any cute baby clothes I loved. To fill my own needs, I created a product I couldn’t find but wanted. My mom besties kept asking me where I bought the outfits I put on my son and I told them that I made them. That’s when the requests began to flow through. “Can I place an order?!” “Sure!”

Soon enough, I launched an international eCommerce brand that grew to 15 countries worldwide.

Turns out, I was a digital srategist.

My background in Economics and my analytics-loving brain had figured out how to scale sales online
(with ease)

CEOs, business owners, and marketing directors began to share their struggles and ask for my feedback.

Looking at their numbers, my heart broke again and again at seeing these businesses lose money on marketing and feel stressed over ROI. I knew they had no idea that tiny tweaks would skyrocket sales.

If I could get customers while running a non-profit, single-parenting, and hustling a second job, I knew anyone could.

My next chapter was born, only years after having my second kid.

(Before that? I was preggo with my daughter while hustling to work a second job by night and fulfill eCommerce orders by day. When I commit, I take it all the way.)

Now, it’s been over a decade in the online space and I couldn’t be happier to teach the methods that have worked for 1000s of small businesses and eCom brands.

This is my passion.

As a digital marketing strategist and digital agency founder:

I reveal how to multiply sales through social media, SEO and digital marketing campaigns – to bring in more revenue and create your dream lifestyle.

Because I know you are smart and capable.

I know the right customers will purchase once they connect with you. I know that you’re working too hard and earning too little.

I know you have big dreams you haven’t reached... Yet.

You deserve less time guessing how many dollars to boost a post by and more hours with your spouse, friends and kids. You deserve to have trips to the beach and take afternoon walks to the local farmer’s market with ease.

Ads have made this transformation for my digital marketing strategist business and given the same freedom I’ve experienced to countless others.
That’s why I get to full-heartedly say:

The only thing better than a Hawaii sunset?

Setting you up with ads that actually work

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