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Digital Marketing Consultant.
Data lover. Dream setter.

Toccara is a Top eCommerce Marketing Expert

Toccara started her own eCommerce business in 2007, before Shopify even existed.

With a background in Business Economics, and a strong entrepreneurial drive, she was able to quickly grow her business to an international fashion brand.

She soon realized she had a talent for growing eCommerce brands through advanced digital marketing strategies and has since generated millions in sales for elite eCommerce brands through her eCommerce marketing agency


Toccara Karizma

TOCCARA BECAME A digital marketing EXPERT

Toccara Karizma Marketing Consultant

toccara's analytics-loving brain has figured out how to scale ecommerce businesses

(with ease)

Toccara is a leading expert in email marketing, SEO, Facebook ads, website conversion rate optimization, eCommerce brand growth, marketing analytics and more. 

This is why CEOs, business owners, and marketing directors rely on Toccara’s marketing expertise to drive sales for their businesses.

digital marketing expert

As a digital marketing expert:

Toccara  reveals how to multiply sales through social media, email marketing, SEO, website CRO, and paid ads so her clients can create their dream lifestyle. 

If you are an established eCommerce brand looking to drive more sales through advanced digital marketing strategies, check out Toccara’s top-rated marketing agency below.

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