7 Powerful Benefits Of Klaviyo For Ecommerce Email Marketing

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As the CEO of a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, I can 100%, pinky swear, hand on heart verify that if your online store has over 1000 email subscribers, and are not harnessing the power of your email list to increase sales, you are leaving money on the table.

So, if you’re ready to skyrocket your eCommerce business, then it’s time to discover the benefits of Klaviyo for eCommerce email marketing.

Email marketing is not just one of the single most valuable marketing tools, but our eCommerce clients in particular see, at minimum, 20% of their monthly revenue generated from well constructed email flows. For a website that generates $100k a month in revenue, that’s $20k revenue from emails. Pretty impressive.

Choosing an Email CRM for Ecommerce

When it comes to choosing an email CRM for your eCommerce business, there are very few platforms designed specifically for eCommerce.

What do Mailchimp, Zoho, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Aweber all have in common? None were purpose built for eCommerce.

These platforms have all been forced to adapt and add extra software functionality to service the email needs of the eCommerce industry.

As a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner, I can confidently say that the reason an important benefit of Klaviyo as our preferred eCommerce CRM, and the reason I recommend all of our eCommerce clients to move to Klaviyo, is that it was purpose built for eCommerce.

The software has not had to adapt, it was built specifically to provide the function of servicing the email needs of an online store.

7 Benefits Of Klaviyo For Ecommerce Email Marketing

By the end of this article you will understand the 7 benefits of Klaviyo for eCommerce email marketing, and I can guarantee that by implementing this powerful CRM into your business, you will experience growth within a short period of time.

Whether you are using Shopify or Woo Commerce, if you have an online store and are trying to decide on the best CRM for your business, this article is for you.
1. Over 10,000 Shopify Stores use Klaviyo

In excess of 10,000 Shopify stores have made the shift to Klaviyo from other CRM’s, and reported an average 46% increase in total revenue from email marketing.

As one recent Klaviyo 5 star reviewer wrote on g2.com:

“You don’t need to know any code or even have much of a marketing background to be able to go beyond the templates and build your own marketing funnels.”

Anthony – G2 Klaviyo Review


This ease of use is one of the primary reasons many retailers have made the switch.

2. Facebook + Klaviyo Integration

One of my favorite benefits of Klaviyo is its ability to automatically integrate with Facebook dynamic audiences.

For example, we can take events from Klaviyo such as :

  • Opened an email in xx number of days
  • Subscribed to a list
  • Clicked on an email link

and dynamically, in real time, retarget to those users on Facebook.

This advanced retargeting feature has become even more important post the iOS14 update, and provides eCommerce retailers with next-level marketing capabilities.

3. Klaviyo Advanced Audience Segmentation

Example of Klaviyo Audience Segmentation

Advanced Audience Segmentation is one of the reasons our eCommerce clients have not been as greatly affected by the iOS14 update when advertising on Facebook.

Klaviyo enables us to create segments of users who used certain coupon codes, placed orders, added to cart, viewed products and much more, which in turn allows us to create highly targeted advertising campaigns based on customer journeys; leading to a personalized experience for the customer.

4. Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Snapshot of actual Klaviyo Analytics Dashboard

Another benefit of Klaviyo is that it not only offers excellent reporting and analytics data, but presents your data in an easy to understand format, enabling you to make positive improvements to your emails and flows based on these actionable insights.

Klaviyo also provides benchmark data, so you have a baseline target, within your industry, to measure your own results against.

A superior data capture feature of Klaviyo is their Predictive Analytics application.

This advanced technology can provide actionable insights into:

  • Predicted CLV (customer lifetime value)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Expected date of next order

Expected date of next order

You can then utilize this data to create powerful marketing audiences.

5. Design & Template Options

Image © Klaviyo – Template Options

I personally love the templates and design options available in Klaviyo. They are far more advanced and customizable than what other CRM’s offer.

Your emails will look like professional eCommerce emails, not templates designed in a word document.

With over 70+ plug and play templates available, the overall look and feel of your brand will receive an instant face lift.

6. Pricing

Image © Klaviyo – Pricing

Let me take a moment here to dispel any price-related rumours around Klaviyo.
Klaviyo is not overpriced. The pricing is reasonable and highly competitive to other CRM’s.

Klaviyo pricing is comparable to Mailchimp, until you get to around 50,000 subscribers. Even then, the small price increase is well worth it given the seamless, advanced functionality and increased revenue your business will earn.

7. Flawless Email & SMS Marketing

Image © Klaviyo – SMS Marketing

Forget separate tools for email marketing and SMS marketing. A powerful benefit of Klaviyo is that it offers both email and SMS marketing from within the same platform, uniting two of the most powerful methods of direct marketing via one robust location.

I can categorically report that Klaviyo customers that utilize both email marketing and SMS marketing via Klaviyo, experience an average 12% lift in Klaviyo related revenue.

Use SMS and email side-by-side, seamlessly, so each customer hears from you on the channel they prefer.

Benefits of Engaging a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner

In addition to the benefits of Klaviyo as your eCommerce CRM, it would be remiss of me not to mention the benefits of engaging a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner email marketing agency to professionally assist you with your brands email marketing.

Benefits of engaging a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner include:

  • Higher level support
  • Dedicated channel support
  • Partner success representative
  • Access to exclusive new features, unavailable to others
  • Access to advanced tools, reporting and resources



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