How to Get Your Products Into Celebrity Hands

How to Get Your Products Into Celebrity Hands

Own an eCommerce business and want to know how to get your products into celebrity hands? Today, I am interviewing Sarah Shaw, a leading expert in getting eCommerce products into the hands of celebrities. Sarah has gotten her and her clients’ products into the hands of a wide range of A-list celebrities including Sharon Stone, […]

How A Single Mom Built a 7-Figure Ecommerce Business

Toccara Karizma Interviews Vivian Kaye - Found of Kinky Curly Yaki

Learning how to start an ecommerce business is never as easy as it may seem like it is. There are so many lessons you learn along the way and so many mistakes that lead to growth. There may be huge roadblocks that you have to get over but overall as long as you invest in […]

How To Become An Instagram Influencer

become an Instagram Influencer

So you’ve decided to become an Instagram Influencer, but aren’t sure how to get started… The good news is, I’m here to tell you just how to become an Instagram Influencer! As I say to all the amazing peeps I’ve helped become influencers over the past few years, you gotta start somewhere right? According to […]