Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks

7 Proven Ecommerce Growth Hacks To Dominate Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks
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Recently Toccara featured on the popular Ecommerce Marketing Podcast with seasoned business owner and co-founder of Omnistar Affiliate Software, Arlen Robinson to chat about ecommerce growth hacks that actually work! Watch this insightful video featuring two of the Digital Marketing industry’s most respected and knowledgeable professionals, and learn how your eCommerce businesses can master growth hacking to dominate Facebook and Instagram. There is little doubt that in 2021, to grow a successful eCommerce business, social media must be a part of the overall digital marketing strategy. But there is so much more to it than just running a few ads on Facebook or Instagram. To become a success and dominate social media, you need some proven eCommerce growth hacks! At Karizma Marketing, before we even start mapping out a social media marketing strategy, we need to ask a number of questions:
  • Do we have a website that converts?
  • Do we have our USP (unique selling proposition) nailed down?
  • Is there actually a demand for the product?
  • Do we have a system in place where we can capture email addresses?
We hear a lot of business owners say they tried Facebook Ads and they didn’t work. But to be successful with social media is not easy. You wouldn’t ask just anyone travelling in coach to fly a 747 without experience, the same can be said for running Facebook ads or growth hacking social media. It takes skill and experience. In this interview, we shared some of our top social media growth hacking tips for eCommerce businesses.

Proven Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks

1. The COW Method

The COW Method Toccara uses the power of the cow method ‘customers own words’. Read reviews, feedback, comments, to really determine which keywords customers are using to describe your products. Take these keywords and integrate them into your marketing. These are the keywords that resonate with your target market the most, so by using them your messaging will be more effective.

2. Know Your Competition

Proven Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks- Know Your Competition Image credit © Facebook Ads LIbrary

The best advertisers know what their competitors are doing, and do it better. We are always using the Facebook Ads Library, for example, to see exactly what marketing our clients’ competition is generating. Another great resource is milled.com which enables you to spy on your competitors’ email marketing. Also, take the time to read your competitors’ reviews. Are they doing something better or worse than you? Leverage what you learn to create a better business.

3. Create a Facebook Group

Proven Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks - Create a Facebook Group Image © Empowered by Fused Hawaii

Facebook groups have exploded over the past few years. One of our clients now has over 90,000 members in their Facebook group. She has organically grown this group by empowering women to love the skin that they’re in. The emotion, loyalty and not to mention revenue generated from this group has helped our client exceed $10m in annual sales.

4. Use the Power of the Giveaway

Proven Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks- Use the Power of the Giveaway A giveaway can be a sensational way to drive new, first customers to your eCommerce business and to rapidly increase an email marketing database. Even more effective is partnering with a stronger brand and leveraging off their community via a giveaway, helping your business to grow using the power of collaboration.

5. Create a Subscription Box or Surprise Package

Proven Facebook & Instagram Ecommerce Growth Hacks - Create a Subscription Box or Surprise Package Image © Snack Hawaii

Consider having a subscription option (such as Autoship) or a surprise product purchase to boost AOV (average order value). Surprise boxes work incredibly well on social media with female audiences.

6. Offer Discounts

Offer Discounts Discounts are a powerful incentive, especially for a top of funnel audience who may need that extra push to purchase.

7. Understand Analytics

Understand Analytics The most successful companies are data driven. Decisions are made after analysing data. Small ecommerce businesses should not be any different. Understanding analytics and what they mean in terms of business growth is paramount to future success.

BONUS HACK: Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Not mentioned in the video is the power of having a solid Affiliate Marketing Strategy. For more information about building a strong affiliate platform, make sure to check out Omnistar Affiliate Software.

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