How To Create A Genius Shopify Marketing Strategy

How To Create A Genius Shopify Marketing Strategy

How To Create A Genius Shopify Marketing Strategy
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Congratulations on setting up your eCommerce store, now, how will you get customers? By creating a Shopify Marketing Strategy! Shopify predicts that by 2025, almost 25% of all global sales will be online. With this huge increase in eCommerce, comes the inevitable rise in competition. Promoting your Shopify store starts and ends with marketing. Read on as we give you our essential guide to creating a Shopify store marketing strategy.


What is a Marketing Strategy?

What is a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a strategic and clear plan outlining the steps you will take to reach potential customers or leads. Your marketing strategy will consist of several parts, centered on the brand message (how you verbally and non verbally communicate your value proposition to potential customers). Your Shopify Marketing Strategy should aim to provide a sustainable advantage over competitors.

Why Your eCommerce Business Needs a Shopify Marketing Strategy

There are over 7 million online stores in the world. Once you have set up your Shopify store, it is unlikely people will just stumble across your website by chance. Even if visitors to your website do find your online store by happy coincidence, growing a business based on luck is not a sustainable business model.
Creating a marketing strategy should always have the goal of increasing sales. Yet the process of creating your Shopify marketing strategy also has other advantages. It can clarify your plans, letting you see whom you want to reach and how you want to do it.
Growing a business based on someone finding your online store by chance is simply not a sustainble business model.
Toccara Karizma, CEO Karizma Marketing

Is Marketing Your Shopify Store Expensive?

Marketing can be as cheap or expensive as you like. Chances are you will already have started rudimentary marketing if you have an email list or are making use of social media.
If you have the time you can certainly take advantage of posting about your Shopify store on social media and promote the products you are selling. The caveat is that a sound Shopify marketing strategy covers many areas. Success is measured over a long period and requires time and expertise. You can quite easily end up doing a full-time job marketing your products, without actually having time to concentrate on the nuts and bolts of the business. In addition, good marketing requires an analysis of metrics. Adapting to data and tweaking campaigns can help you increase your return on investment in areas such as pay-per-click advertising. If you don’t have the time or knowledge, then get a professional marketing consultant to help manage your marketing for you.

What Are the 7 P’s of Marketing?

If all of this seems a lot to take in, then the 7 P’s of marketing can keep you on track. By developing a marketing strategy that addresses all of the following areas, you can’t go wrong.
What Are the 7 P’s of Marketing Product This part of your marketing strategy involves looking at your product honestly and objectively. Is it a good fit for today’s market? How does it fare against competitors doing similar things? Hopefully a needs analysis (assessment of the product demand in the marketplace) has been carried out before launching your business. Prices The second P involves looking at pricing. Unfortunately, seeing if the price is competitive and affordable is not the only concern. You must also see how profitable the product is and if it is worth your effort to put it on the market. Promotion Promotion is the bedrock of any online marketing campaign. Think about every opportunity you have to tell the world about your products and services. Even the smallest marketing campaign, when done correctly, can have tremendous results. Place This is the exact location where your item will be sold. When thinking about Shopify, this matters a little less than other marketing forms as it will be on your website. However, you may also be selling on other marketplaces or physical premises, which needs consideration. Packaging Packaging is one of the main concerns for any eCommerce business and will give you the biggest headache. You need to think about how to package your product to attract customers as part of the product development. As a Shopify owner, you also have the added responsibility of shipping. Getting shipping prices wrong will cut your profits substantially. If you don’t shoulder some of the burdens in your profit margins, then high postage prices can put potential customers off buying. Finding the right balance between shipping costs and profit margins is a key component to increasing sales in your online store. Positioning Positioning is concerned with what and how your customers think about you. It is a long-term marketing strategy that will deliver brand loyalty and repeat business if managed correctly. This comes back to the mission and objectives you have in place for your brand and how well you convey them. People This refers to anyone who has a hand in operating your business, as everyone who represents your business must embody its values. While this may seem less important with a Shopify strategy, it should be evident in your social media posts and customer service skills.

How Do You Create a Good Marketing Strategy Using the 7 P’s of Marketing?

Create a Good Marketing Strategy Using the 7 P’s of Marketing

You should be able to use the 7 P’s to devise a whole marketing strategy from scratch.

Originally, the 7 P’s Marketing Strategy was limited to the four P’s, which were product, place, price, and promotion. If you find the task overwhelming, get these original ones right, then add the others after. It is also worth noting that some marketing methods replace entries for two others. These are physical evidence and process. Process is defined as how your product or service is delivered to customers. If you have a Shopify store, this is extremely important. Everything from product delivery to how you handle returns can have a huge impact. Physical Evidence is defined as how the success of your eCommerce marketing strategy is measured. There are numerous metrics you can measure from website visitors to leads. However, most important is the increase it brings to your sales and profit. Both of the above points are equally important, so for a comprehensive marketing strategy, you may want to push it up to nine points (the 9 P’s).

Starting Your Shopify Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how to create a Shopify marketing strategy, start to plan. Doing so will help you get a much clearer idea of your product and target market. Don’t be afraid to outsource this to a third party if necessary.
Toccara Karizma is here to assist with all your digital marketing endeavors. With eCommerce experience that spans 15 countries, make it your first stop. Click here to work together and get expert guidance for your business.

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