KLAVIYO vs MAILCHIMP: Which Email CRM is the best for Shopify?

Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp: Choose the Best Email CRM for Shopify
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One of the best ways to grow an eCommerce business is through email marketing, and two of the most hotly debated CRM’s are Klaviyo vs Mailchimp.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you track your customers’ behavior and target your efforts at segments specific to the products you are selling.

Ecommerce Merchants regularly see significant increases in sales and revenue by implementing strategic email marketing campaigns, and it’s widely known in marketing circles that email marketing is often the best converter.

Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

There are so many email marketing tools that it can be easy to get confused about which ones will be the best for your eCommerce business. That is what I’m going to tell you today.

When it comes to Klaviyo vs Mailchimp, my preferred choice is Klaviyo.

To provide you with a comprehensive perspective, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 Best Mailchimp Alternatives [2024 Predictions] that you should consider exploring too.

The main difference between Klaviyo and Mailchimp is that Klaviyo is a purpose built ecommerce platform developed especially for Shopify merchants. Mailchimp is a CRM developed to manage email marketing, this includes ecommerce merhcants, but it is not purpose built for ecommerce.

It is one of the best tools for Shopify and WooCommerce which is why we recommend all our clients switch to Klaviyo.

Now, you may be wondering, what makes Klaviyo so much better than Mailchimp? Why Klaviyo vs Mailchimp? Well, let me tell you!

Klaviyo vs Mailchimp – Why I Choose Klaviyo

Tracking Customers’ Behaviour

Klaviyo has the unique ability to track your customers’ behavior on your eCommerce store. You can find out what type of coupons your customers are using or which products they are viewing the most.

Browse Abandonment Flow

Browse Abandonment FlowImage © Klaviyo tracking configuration

We have all heard of emails that are sent out to customers who abandon their cart right? The exciting news is that Klaviyo also allows you to send browse abandonment emails.

This means that you can target those customers who may have come on to your website, browsed through the products, and left without making a purchase.

With Klaviyo you can target these customers and create a flow that sends emails to them. You can customize these emails with coupon codes and gain back any lost customers.

Pop-Up, Opt-In Form, and Landing Page Features

Klaviyo is a great tool that allows you to easily design pop-ups that you can then show your customers through the email flows that are sent out.

Pop-Up, Opt-In Form, and Landing Page FeaturesImage © Klaviyo browse abandonment email configuration

You can also design opt-in forms and landing pages through Klaviyo which means you don’t have to waste any time learning or hiring people that understand CSS or HTML languages. These features are very easy to use and set Klaviyo apart from the rest.

Zapier and Shopify Integration

Zapier and Shopify Integration

Klaviyo is one of the best tools for eCommerce because it will seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store and provide you with data that can help your revenue grow. Klaviyo also integrates easily with Zapier making it easy for all your email flows to go out when you need them to.

Advanced Segmentation and Pop-Ups

Advanced Segmentation and Pop-Ups

Understanding your customer base and knowing how to effectively target them is something that every eCommerce business owner needs to be doing. Klaviyo allows you to do advanced segmentation which means you can break your customers down into smaller groups and target your marketing to each one.

You can also choose to show certain pop-ups to different segments through Klaviyo. For example, if someone bought product X and you want them to be shown the pop-up that may market a complimentary product, you can do just that without flooding anyone else’s inbox with the same pop-up.

Unique Coupon Codes

Unique Coupon Codes
Image © Klaviyo – example of pop up configuration

Klaviyo allows you to generate dynamic coupon codes that you can share with different customer segments.

These coupon codes cannot be shared and Klaviyo will track them on your eCommerce store. You can see which customers used your coupons and which coupons worked the best.

Join the ClubImage shows sign up form created with Klaviyo for unique coupon codes

Pop-Up Forms Based on UTM

Pop-Up Forms Based on UTMImage © Klaviyo UTM tracking

For any eCommerce business owner, knowing where their customers are coming from can help them understand which one of their marketing campaigns are delivering the best results.

A UTM is a simple code that is attached to the URL of your eCommerce website and generates Google Analytics data to define where your customers are coming from.

You can then use this data through Klaviyo to customize your pop-ups and understand which channels and campaigns customers are coming from.

Back in Stock Automation

Back in Stock Automation

mage shows example of Klaviyo ‘Back in Stock’ automation workflow

Now, this is something that is one of the best things about Klaviyo. We have many clients that are earning 5-6 figures monthly because they utilize this feature. The benefit of these features is that you don’t need a third party, customers can sign-up for these emails on your Shopify store and will be automatically informed when that item is back in stock.

This caters to one of the high pain points for many eCommerce business owners, I know this because I was one myself.

Expert Hack – You can add a coupon code in the confirmation email and let your customers know that you are sorry that the item is not in stock and that they can enjoy a certain amount of discount on your website. This will also allow you to track the coupon code usage and increase your email revenue.

Integration with Stamped.io

Integration with Stamped.ioImage @ Stamped.io

Much of an eCommerce store revenue comes from customers reading reviews of your products.

If you are using Stamped.io for the reviews on your website, with Klaviyo you can easily integrate the two and create email flows that cater to these customers. This will help you with customer acquisition and retention at the same time.

Use reviews in your email and let potential customers why they should be shopping from your store.

Product Blocks and Predictive User Behaviour

Product Blocks and Predictive User Behaviour

                                                    Image © Coco Moon Hawaii featuring Klaviyo product blocks

Klaviyo will understand the way your customers behave in your eCommerce store and will be able to predict their future behavior.

Through the data that Klaviyo will generate you can know what purchase a customer may make before they even add it to their cart.

Using this behavior pattern, you can create product blocks on your website and increase the overall email revenue.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

                                                                                                      Image © Klaviyo

Being able to test out different email headers and content can help you understand what your customers are reacting favorably to.

Klaviyo allows you to do A/B testing which means you can test out different email headers, different formats, different arrangements, and different copies before you commit to just one.

This feature allows you to know for sure what kind of email your customers will react favorably to the most and saves you money and time.

Advanced Flows and Segments

Advanced Flows and Segments

We’ve already established that Klaviyo will help you segment your customers into smaller segments based on their behavior patterns on your website.

Klaviyo will also help you create customized email flows that go out at different stages of the post-purchase process. You can have an email sent out to someone who has made their first purchase to thank them or for a second or third purchase.

You can also create up-sell email flows that suggest different products from your website to customers who have already made a purchase.

Unique Giveaway and Landing Pages

Unique Giveaway and Landing Pages

Image shows Klaviyo giveaway promotion setup

You can create unique giveaways and landing pages with Klaviyo that easily integrate with your Shopify store.

It’s very easy to use Klaviyo to create unique brand-centric landing pages and giveaway posts that you can then use on your eCommerce website.

There is another tool, Privy, that we use for this also, and with different use-cases, it has been better than Klaviyo. Again, if you want to learn more, you can head to bit.ly/klaviyomarketing.

Dynamic Facebook Audiences

Dynamic Facebook Audiences

 Image shows Klaviyo Facebook Custom Audience Settings

Klaviyo will allow you to see who opened your email or who has opted-in to your mailing campaigns and with this data you can market through Facebook to different audiences.

You can also use coupon code usage and sales engagement data that comes through Klaviyo to target certain customer segments on Facebook and increase your revenue.

Another thing that sets Klaviyo apart from Mailchimp is the fact that you won’t be charged extra for two contact points, you will only pay once and use as many contact points as you want.

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo PricingImage © Klaviyo

Now that we’ve been through all the features that make Klaviyo a great tool for email marketing, let’s talk about the pricing. Klaviyo is on the more expensive side compared to Mailchimp, however the features you get are well worth it.

You will be paying anywhere from $50 – $200 monthly for Klaviyo, but, in return, you will be generating around 4-6 figures monthly. If you are serious about growing your eCommerce business, you should ditch Mailchimp and start using Klaviyo.

Klaviyo was made for eCommerce, and it dynamically uses segments and audience behavior patterns to help you generate more revenue. The data that Klaviyo uses focuses on the customer behavior patterns in the general eCommerce space.

If you’re looking to start an email flow for your eCommerce website, with Klaviyo you will be able to see an increase of about 30% – 65% in your generated revenue.

At Karizma Marketing we work with many clients, mostly 6 figure eCommerce businesses, and help them shift their email campaigns into Klaviyo. Klaviyo does not require a lot of technical know-how and whatever it does need, we provide that for our clients. We can help with the email flows, the codes that need to be generated, email templates, and many other things.

It is a long process and will a month to get it set up but once it is, it is the best thing for your eCommerce business.

As a parting gift, I will tell you this; email marketing is basically revenue waiting for you. Email automation can lead to a lot more sales and hence more revenue for your eCommerce store, and your best friend in all of this will be Klaviyo with the unlimited features that it has.

Please let me know if you have any questions or you need my help with anything. I’m always available to help eCommerce business owners figure out how they can make the most of their shoestring budgets and still target as many segments as they can.

Don’t forget to check out bit.ly/Klaviyomarketing for more details.

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