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A motivational speaker and social media coach who energizes, entertains and provides fresh, thought provoking marketing inspiration.

When you get this motivational speaker and social media coach on stage, expect cheeky yet no-nonsense talks

Read on to book this social media coach and marketing expert for your next event.

I know what it feels like to be stuck sitting through a boring motivational speaker or social media coach’s presentation with no easy exit strategy.I gotchu.The good news is, when you book me as a motivational speaker for your next marketing

conference, your attendees will no longer wish they had sat in the seat closest to the exit door. Oh no boo. They’ll be having so much fun that they’ll feel like they’re at Disneyland with a free FASTPASS to learning expert marketing strategies.

I know you want a high-level marketing strategist who leaves your conference attendees blown away with a brand new marketing mindset. My goal is that everyone leaves my session (and your conference) feeling empowered and motivated to implement the revenue-generating strategies I teach with confidence and ease.
When I speak on social media marketing strategies, email marketing, SEO, and eCommerce growth hacks

motivational speaker toccara karizma

Marketing becomes
(dare we say it)fun

As a digital marketing agency CEO, course creator, motivational speaker, social media coach and SEO expert, your audience gets insights into high-powered marketing strategies, and real life examples of successful marketing campaigns that have been tested and proven to deliver incredible results for my clients. 

Your conference participants will receive invaluable take-aways they can immediately apply to grow their businesses, too.

Instead of talking at people, my focus is audience participation. I host an engaging, fun, exciting and unique event where the audience does more than takes notes – they learn hands-on.

I like to call my presentation style edutainment, a unique blend of both educating and entertaining an audience that helps them retain and implement what they learn at a better rate than your average conference speaker.

Because when we entertain, we build likeability.

And when we build likeability, we build trust.

And when we build trust, we impact change.

And when we impact positive change in your conference attendee’s businesses, they will come back to your conference year after year, thirsty for more knowledge and growth. 

I believe in a communal, interactive event

Whether you’re seeking a top tier digital marketing consultant with Ecommerce niches in social media, SEO, email marketing and/or Google ads, or seeking a marketing leader to inspire, motivate, and coach your corporate team, bookings are available for:

As a Facebook and Instagram Social Media Manager for 7-9 figure businesses, you'll get my behind-the-scenes methods

Here are some of the core topics I speak on, which are then adapted to fit and apply to your specific audience:



To talk further, inquire for availability.




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