How does tripling your revenue in just 3 months sound to you?

Social Surge

Boo, I understand your frustration. You've:

You don't need to have all the answers in order to grow your business quickly online.

Having grit and working with the right coach can skyrocket your success.

Even if you don’t have all the right answers to digital marketing, you can still work with someone who does.

Over the years you’ve taken your business to levels of success you never dreamt possible. But now after all your hard work, you’d like for it to grow quicker, with ease, and with the right team behind you. And that’s where we come in…

I was once you...

A single mom running a 6-figure eCommerce business

Gosh, if I could go back and have the option to work one-on-one with an expert marketer, I would have saved myself so many hours, tears, and frustration. At the time I was growing my eCommerce business, I also was:

  • Running a non-profit in addition to my business
  • Raising 2 kids as a single mom
  • Hitting the gym on the daily
  • Hustling a full-time second job

Heck – If you looked up “huster” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of me.

Look, I know what it’s like to wear all the hats in my business and juggle the responsibilities of adulting at the same time. Looking back, I could have grown my business so much quicker and had more time to enjoy my kids growing up if I just had access to an expert who had been there before and who could teach me how they successfully did it.

What my Social Surge members are saying



With a wink and a wave,

Lemme introduce:

Social Surge

Social Surge is a 3-month high-level digital marketing and consulting mastermind program designed to quickly increase sales of your eCommerce business and prepare you for the greatest success you have yet to experience.

The 3-month online business accelerator will give you all the proper tools and marketing implementation you need to meet your revenue goals this year…in just 3 months.

Inside the program

Social Surge, a consulting/mastermind hybrid designed specifically for eCommerce business owners who want to skyrocket their business in 90 days, opens its doors again on February 8th.

It is an excellent fit for eCommerce businesses that are making 6 figures annually and haven’t cracked the code on how to get to the next level of growth in their business. They have a goal of hitting the 7-figure mark, but are not yet ready to fully invest in “done-for-you” ad agency services. They want similar results to ad agency clients making 7, 8, and even 9-figures in annual sales and are willing to work hard through a “done-with-you” approach.

All mastermind members will meet one-on-one with my team three times a month and additionally as an intimate mastermind group together with me and other eCommerce business owners twice a month.

You’ll also receive the exact proven tools we use to help our agency clients increase revenue up to 800%. Normally, these expert tools cost our agency clients thousands of dollars in setup and management fees, but Social Surge members get access to all of these…for free.

The monthly schedule will look like this:


One-on-One with a Sr. Ad Account Manager & Email Specialist (Two 1-hour sessions)


One-on-One with a Sr. Ad Account Manager & Email Specialist
(Two 1-hour sessions)

Group Mastermind with Toccara and other eCommerce Business Owners
(One 90 minute session)


One-on-One with a Sr. Ad Account Manager & Email Specialist
(Two 1-hour sessions)


Group Mastermind with Toccara and other eCommerce Business Owners
(One 90 minute session)

What you get

Get LOADED with BONUSES that ensure your success

  • Get one-on-one marketing support 3 times a month, in one-hour virtual sessions, with a Sr. Ad Account Manager determined to skyrocket your revenue with profitable paid ads.
  • Work directly with an Expert Email Marketer for an hour, 3 times per month, to build out your email campaigns, flows, templates, lists, and more so you can start massively monetizing and growing your email list.
  • Meet with Toccara and other eCommerce business owners in a 90-minute intimate mastermind session, twice a month, to push through challenges, learn expert growth hacks, and stay accountable to your monthly revenue goals.
  • After every session, you will receive a recording for your and your team’s review.
  • You will get meeting notes from your consulting sessions with a “to-do list” for you to get completed for the next week. This form of accountability ensures you will stay on track in reaching your goals each month.
  • Get hands-on help with Facebook and Instagram ad set up and support.
  • Receive a personalized shared Google Drive Folder with unlimited storage to work inside of.
  • Work through additional higher-level marketing strategies, like SEO, brand partnerships, lead generation campaigns, CRO, and more.
  • Finally set up proper tracking and analytics in Google and Facebook.
  • Get help setting up your product catalog and importing it into Facebook so we can run Dynamic Product Ads from it.
  • Have an email marketing expert work directly with you to set up and optimize your email flows, along with building them out for additional automated revenue every month.
  • Create and implement strategies to increase your Customer Lifetime Value and Average Order Value.
  • Our expert team will work with you to implement lead generation tools and website conversion rate optimization tools on your website to increase your conversion rate, revenue, and email list immediately. (We just increased another client’s revenue by 65% and conversion rate by 59% in only one week paying for the entire month’s consulting.)
  • We’ll help you develop, plan out, and organize your annual promotion calendar so you and your entire team can plan ahead of time for upcoming sales, product launches, live events, and holidays.
  • Our tech-heavy team will help teach you how to easily set up landing pages, email lists and flows, and ads to help drive new customers to your business.
  • Discuss ways to organically improve your Instagram following quickly. (One consulting client went from 600 followers to over 10,000 followers in one week!).
  • We’ll show you how to set up Custom Audiences in your Facebook for high-converting ads and major returns.
  • We’ll implement proven email list building strategies that we use for our 7-figure plus agency clients. (We increased one consulting client’s email list from 5, 000 to 29, 000 emails in one week on only a budget of $500.)
  • Deep dive into your analytics, where you are getting sales from, what marketing strategies make sense based on your analytics, and more.
  • Set up your email marketing system through Klaviyo.
  • Reduce your cost per new customer acquisition (One consulting client reduced their CPA from over $40 to under $5 with just one campaign that we ran for them.)
  • Discuss larger business growth and development concepts and strategies. Most consulting clients increased revenue by a minimum of 100% while in Social Surge by implementing our strategies.

Frequent questions (FAQ's)

Social Surge is specifically geared toward supporting eCommerce businesses selling physical products online. Most of our Social Surge Members have Shopify or WooCommerce stores. Social Surge is not a good fit for a service-based business or a business that is geographically limited to its customers or location (such as a brick-and-mortar furniture store that can’t ship orders outside of their local community).

Social Surge is a 12-week program, spanning approximately 90 days. We run the program 3-4 times a year.

The next Social Surge program starts February 8th, 2021 and ends April 30th, 2021.

The total time commitment every month for meetings you will be attending while enrolled in Social Surge is 9 hours. You’ll have three one-hour sessions each month with your Digital Marketing Coach, three one-hour sessions each month with your Email Marketing Coach, and two 90-minute mastermind sessions with Toccara and other eCommerce business owners each month. The monthly schedule looks like this:


Week 1:

One hour session focused on Digital Marketing

One hour session focused on Email Marketing


Week 2:

One hour session focused on Digital Marketing

One hour session focused on Email Marketing

90-minute mastermind with Toccara (Monday at 1 PM PST/11 AM HST)


Week 3:

One hour session focused on Digital Marketing

One hour session focused on Email Marketing


Week 4:

90-minute mastermind with Toccara (Monday at 1 PM PST/11 AM HST)

Yes, every week you will have a “to-do” list of items we are working on together that need to be completed before our next session. These can be things like sending emails to your customers, writing ads for us to use during our next session together, setting up email flows, putting together graphics for ads, deciding on offers you want to run, setting up landing pages, finalizing your promotional calendar, and more. This is to keep you accountable to your business and commitments, as well as to keep you on track to meet your revenue goals by the end of our 12-week accelerator.

No! We are here to help you with everything, including hands-on implementation of all the software and tools you need to skyrocket your eCommerce business in just 90 days. We will help you set up everything, including ads, emails, landing pages, website popups, lead generation tools, graphics, copywriting, and more. We will also teach you how to do it on your own as we set it up together with you. Anything on your “to-do” list will be within your capacity to complete and can be done in a couple hours over the week. The goal of Social Surge is to accelerate your growth, not overwhelm you with unnecessary work. We understand you are likely wearing a million hats in your business and have set the program up so it can seamlessly integrate into your other work commitments.

Our expert marketing team helps catapult your online business’s growth in just 90-days through the accelerator program. Your one-on-one sessions are completely yours to work on whatever you would like. Some things we do during our sessions together are:

  • Set up, run, and optimize Facebook and Instagram ads so you can run ads profitably, reach new customers, remarket to your warm audience, and more
  • Set up landing pages for lead generation to help you grow your email list, social following, and sales
  • Set up website popups and banners to help increase your website conversions, email list, and sales.
  • Set up affiliate marketing and brand ambassador campaigns to expand your reach to influencer audiences.
  • Strategize and implement complete sales funnels, from start to finish, to bring in new customers with ease.
  • Implement email marketing automation with email flows geared toward bringing customers back, converting website traffic to purchasers, and generate additional revenue without spending money on ads.
  • Set up email templates and campaigns to help promote your blog, product launches, promotions, YouTube videos, and more.
  • Audit your website and implement website conversion rate strategies to make more money from your website traffic.
  • Implement strategies to increase average order value and customer lifetime value.
  • Work on putting together an SEO strategy that will help you rank on search engines organically without having to pay for ads.
  • Consult on high-level marketing and business growth strategies specific to your business.
  • Run campaigns to help you grow your Instagram following quickly (and organically).
  • Strategically help you build your Facebook group and monetize it.
  • Work on any website glitches that are coming up so your business can run smoothly.
  • Connect your website to expert tools designed to instantly increase your conversion rates and revenue.

Yes. Social Surge is best for eCommece store owners who are doing a minimum of $10,000 in online sales every month.

We can tell you the specifics once we receive your application, however you should allocate a minimum of $3,000 – $5,000 each month during the three month program to cover the cost of your paid ads, any software we will be using to help grow your business such as landing page software, email marketing software, and similar, as well as the cost to participate in the program.

It would be best to wait until you have enough inventory to support the cost of running ads. If you are constantly struggling with having enough inventory in stock to meet demand, we would recommend you first focus on getting your inventory levels up before enrolling.

Paid ads always work best for stores with an Average Order Value above $75. If you currently have a lower Average Order Value than $75, we can take a look at your store analytics and help guide you on whether we think Social Surge is a good fit for you.

Yes. Social Surge is not a good fit for:

  • MLMs and networking marketing businesses
  • Affiliate-based businesses
  • Drop-shipping businesses
  • Service-based businesses
  • Local brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Weapon, alcohol, drug, or adult-based businesses
  • Businesses that violate Facebook’s Advertising Policies
  • Business owners who don’t have the time to commit to the program
  • Businesses doing under $10,000 a month in online sales

Absolutely not. We will help you grow your email list and social following throughout the 90-day online business accelerator program.

Sure! We have participants who have been in the program 2, 3, 4 times, and more. We are always happy to help support you in your growth.

We want to make sure we are confident that we can get you results and that you will be a good fit for the program. By having you go through the application process, we can learn a little more about your business and help guide you in the direction we think is best.

We usually get back to applicants within 1-2 business days, so make sure to check your email.

Yes. You can only miss two sessions total during the program. We do not refund for cancelled or missed sessions. If you miss or cancel more than two sessions, you may be removed from the program. This is about you being accountable to your business and consistency is key. 


You can reschedule your one-on-one session with a minimum of 24 hours notice (excluding holidays and weekends), however sessions can not be rescheduled beyond the 90 day program’s end date and are based on the availability of your coaches.


Mastermind sessions can not be rescheduled.

Want in?! Apply to join Social Surge by filling out the form below. Our team will get back to you shortly.